Come and learn the exact system we used to turn below average, underperforming salespeople into record-breaking overachieving millionaires.

In just five weeks, you will be prepared to significantly improve your sales closing ability. This intensive could easily double or even triple your current income. No, that’s not an exaggeration.

We call it the 5⁵ sales intensive.

Here’s how it breaks down:


5:55 am- Daily meeting starting Jan. 2nd.


5 Days a Week (M-F)


5 Weeks long


5 people


5 Point Close Mastery

This is your opportunity to be trained, coached, and mentored by a true sales professional.
This is a fast paced, deep dive into what works and doesn’t work in 2023.

Who is this for? Anybody in sales.

But the Truth is… Everyone is in sales.

Whether you are a housewife or house husband, teacher or banker, or a sales person in the automobile, software, insurance, retail industry…
NOTHING HAPPENS anywhere unless a sale is made.

Buildings are not built, hospitals aren’t built, websites are not built, unless somebody sells the idea!

Heck, you might have had to sell your significant other on which place to eat last night. You can’t get away from the necessity to be good at sales.

In short we ALL are in sales. And that means, there’s a lot of competition!
But this program is not for everyone…this program is only for anyone who is serious about significantly improving their ability to sell.

We will select only 5 people to do this program which is why you must submit an application to be accepted on why we should select you.

If you don’t submit an application, there is no chance you will be selected.

Listen, we aren’t looking for the guy or gal who is out partying the night before.
If you want to learn and start making BIG money, and not just 100k a year, we are looking for people who want to make $1M this year.

Here’s the difference:


6 figures will settle for late nights…

7 figures demands early mornings.


6 figures is for side hustles and the double minded...

7 figures is laser focused on doing whatever it takes to win including finding mentors who have repeatedly made 10 figures.


6 figures is making excuses for why you can’t invest in yourself…

7 figures is filling out the application today and going all in.
It’s a daily live interactive zoom call at 5:55am, 5 days a week for 5 weeks with 5 people(who are hungry to win) to master the 5 point close and it’s only $5,555.

What if you could get the same sales training that led to the creation of over 170 millionaires?
This is sales training from someone who built a 3 Billion Dollar insurance agency from scratch.

This is deep, intense and revolutionary.

Get direct sales training from the millionaire maker himself, Michael McIntyre and his team of expert sales coaches.
This is explosive sales growth at its best. If you want 2023 to be your year, then you need to take a bold step into investing in your success.

Fix your pitch, polish your presentation, build genuine relationships where your customers will sincerely thank you for the tremendous service you are doing for them by taking their money.

If any of these sound familiar, then you MUST apply for this live intensive…

No structure, or poor structure to your sales conversations.

Self-sabotaging your sales efforts

You're “OK” in your role, but you're not the Best on the team.

You don’t know how you can improve your sales game.

Feel stuck and you think you can do better, but don’t know how.

Here’s what we know…to be the best you have to learn from the best.
Michael has recruited and trained over 20,000 sales professionals and knows exactly what it takes to make massive bank in the sales game.

Here’s just a taste of what you will get:


Perfect your pitch with a masterful sales mentor


Naturally, and easily create powerful rapport with your prospects


Learn the habits and mindset of an elite sales person


Refine, hone and level up your sales strategy.


Master the 5 point close that is responsible for literally millions in sales


Hotseats and roleplaying daily with personalized attention


And much more!

The honest truth is that becoming a millionaire doesn’t happen by accident. And if it does…then it’s quickly lost.

In order to truly become a sales professional that yearly earns millions, it takes investment and commitment. We are asking you to do both.

We understand this sales intensive is not for everyone. In fact, it’s only for 5 dedicated people. The five who would gladly trade 4 figures and 5 weeks to build the skills and mental fortitude to become a 7 figure earner.

We could have easily charged 5 times the price for this intensive, but we are looking for people who are seriously dedicated, not just people whose Amex happens to work.

If you are serious about unlocking your full potential as a salesperson and you’re willing to make the $5,555 investment then apply today. You only get charged if you are selected.

Michael’s normal clients pay 10k monthly and you will be getting unprecedented access to him and his team for five consecutive weeks!

Instead of charging you 10k a month until you reached your 7 figure goal, we wanted people who are coachable and willing to commit the time required to get to millions of dollars.

Show us you’re ready and willing by submitting your application today.

Click to apply and make 2023 your year of acceleration.

Your application does not obligate you in any way