The Authentic Salesman

This is a book about the art of sales. There are a lot of life lessons in here as well. Some are hard to learn, some not so hard-all are relevant. If you allow it, the tools in this book will dramatically increase your closing percentages and may even provide you with some insights into life and business, along with a laugh or two.

Increase Your Sales Percentage
By 50% Or More

Inside the pages of this breakthrough book you will uncover sales secrets that you can use immeditely to:

  • Become More Authentic In Your Selling…
  • ​Take Any Situation In Sales OR Life And Turn Around Objections…
  • ​Finally Unlock The Secret To Overcoming Those “Bad Days” In Sales
  • ​Understand The “Death Of A Sales Person” And How You Can Avoid It

“I believe in the saying, 'You can't teach what you don't know, and you can't lead where you won't go.' When it comes to selling...Michael can teach and lead it all day long.”

-Jerry Jones Jr., Dallas Cowboys

"If You're in sales, you owe it to yourself to buy this book. Michael, a seasoned veteran, shares his lifelong love of sales by providing practical lessons that will greatly enhance your results."

-Brian O. Casey, Westwood Group, CEO

"McIntyre is truly the authentic salesman. It’s so refreshing in a world of egos and chest-pounding to find an author who can be both vulnerable and helpful."

Tommy Spaulding, NY Times Best Selling Author

About the author

“I want you to walk away knowing that you can take any situation and you can be successful at turning those objections into sales now, not in the future.”
Michael McIntyre
Michael is an Entrepreneur, CEO, Coach, and a Successful Strategic Business Advisor.

Michael has a proven track record in advising business leaders and entrepreneurs in the the practical and efficient methods of getting results now! Michael provides one-on-one coaching to entrepreneurs and C-Level management and is experienced in Public Relations.

McIntyre served in the strategic Air Command (SAC) United States Air Force for 4 years and graduated from college during his time there. He has had a successful business career spanning over 29 years, developing a multi billion dollar insurance agency and recruiting Over 20,000 sales agents. Michael is a proven entrepreneur and philanthropist. After seeing such success in business and finding what works to drive unbelievable sales growth, he published a book in 2011, The Authentic Salesman.

He has been featured on Fox News, Forbes, Huffington Post, News Week, Wall Street Journal, Are You Real? (podcast), ABC News, Israel TV Network, Bolz Ministries “Exploring the Prophetic” (podcast), and many other media outlets nationally and internationally.