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Are you looking to hire a coach? Do you know why you need a coach? Allow me to guide you through the process of deciding if you need a coach and what you need to look for to get the most of your experience.

About the author

“I want you to walk away knowing that you can take any situation and you can be successful at turning those objections into sales now, not in the future.”
Michael McIntyre

Michael is an Entrepreneur, CEO, Coach, and a Successful Strategic Business Advisor.

Michael has a proven track record in advising business leaders and entrepreneurs in the the practical and efficient methods of getting results now! Michael provides one-on-one coaching to entrepreneurs and C-Level management and is experienced in Public Relations.

McIntyre served in the strategic Air Command (SAC) United States Air Force for 4 years and graduated from college during his time there. He has had a successful business career spanning over 29 years, developing a multi billion dollar insurance agency and recruiting Over 20,000 sales agents. Michael is a proven entrepreneur and philanthropist. After seeing such success in business and finding what works to drive unbelievable sales growth, he published a book in 2011, The Authentic Salesman.

He has been featured on Fox News, Forbes, Huffington Post, News Week, Wall Street Journal, Are You Real? (podcast), ABC News, Israel TV Network, Bolz Ministries “Exploring the Prophetic” (podcast), and many other media outlets nationally and internationally.