Intentional Mentor Journey

It’s your life. It’s time to be Intentional

Empower yourself and gain clarity in your life

How are your 2020 resolutions coming? Have you stayed the course? Or, like the thinning numbers at the gym, have you fallen off the goals you set for the new year?

Create a plan of action for your career, finances and personal life that will empower you to achieve greatness. Here’s the truth… YOU are worth the goals and ambitions you have for your life.

Disable the mindsets that hold you back

We believe each and every person can awaken and activate all the possibilities in their lives and we desire to partner with you to see it manifest. The Intentional Mentor Journey is your next step to making it happen.

This program will begin on Tuesday, April 14th (you will have until April 11th to sign up). The calls will be on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:50 AM and will last for one hour. You must qualify via application.

Group Mentorship

4 weeks