As A Coach, Michael Specializes In Deep Diving Into Your Life To Bring Out The Best In Your Spiritual Life, Relationships, Finances, Career, And Business.

Achieve lifelong goals in your sales,
your career, and relationships.

Michael creates individualized programs for those of you who want to experience more growth and see greater results. As a coach, Michael specializes in deep diving into the area(s) you are wanting to experience transformation in..

Michael is pleased to offer coaching for a variety of interests and focuses that include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career acceleration or shifting,
  • Life coaching: including spiritual and relationship growth
  • Business strategy: for the business owner and/or the business at large/Business development and marketing
  • Church health (working with senior and executive pastors as well as staff to get into alignment)
  • Family growth
  • C-Level Executives


Click below to schedule a 20 minute consultation call, to find out what your program would look like.

Not everyone gets accepted into my 1-1 transformation coaching. If you apply but do not get accepted this time, I invite you to apply again the future if I am still taking on students. If you choose not to apply at this time then I make no guarantees regarding the availability of positions in future.