1 on 1 coaching with Michael

As a coach, Michael takes a holistic approach to bring out the best in your spiritual life, relationships, finances, career, and business.


Achieve life long goals in your sales, career, and relationships.

A successful strategic business advisor with a proven track record in advising business leaders and entrepreneurs on how to get results now! Michael provides 1 on 1 coaching to entrepreneurs and C-Level management and is experienced in Public Relations.

Michael creates individualized programs for those of you who want to experience more growth and see greater results.

  • ^Built a $3 Billion dollar agency from scratch
  • ^Coached and consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs and C-level executives. Increased revenue substantially some over 450% and reducing bottom line costs
  • ^Created over 175 millionaires. Recruited and trained over 20,000 sales reps.
  • ^Created a “Blue Ocean“ marketing concept in the insurance industry!
  • ^Authored and published two books, “The Authentic Salesman“ and “Next Level Life”

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