Next Level 1 on 1 coaching

Work with a Next Level Coach and experience your breakthrough. Each of our coaches have been hand selected and are certified through vigorous training and vetting.

Achieve incredible success throughout all areas of your life

What does “maximum potential” and “greatest accomplishment” mean to you in the upcoming year? It may be starting a business, being an amazing companion in a relationship, improving your well being, or fulfilling your life’s ambition. Partner with a Next Level Coach to reach your full potential in 2022.

Each of our coaches have been hand selected. Michael and Stacye personally oversee this program and ensure that quality is being met with each individual client.
  • ENLE Coaches follow the successful model of coaching that Michael and Stacye have created over the years
  • EEach coach has gone through Next Level Experience, Leadership 300, facilitated, and have been certified in the MCINTYRE coaching program
  • EEnvision your potential, establish your objectives, chart your course to success, and find joy in your victories
  • EOvercome past barriers and discover importance of being able persevere in challenging situations
  • EReceive personalized, results-oriented, transformative coaching

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Importance of Coaching

Are you looking to hire a coach? Do you know why you need a coach? Allow me to guide you through the process of deciding if you need a coach and what you need to look for to get the most of your experience.

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