The Authentic Salesman

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This is a book about the art of sales. There are a lot of life lessons in here as well. Some are hard to learn, some not so hard-all are relevant. If you allow it, the tools in this book will dramatically increase your closing percentages and may even provide you with some insights into life and business, along with a laugh or two.



Michael McIntyre is president and CEO of Benefits America, In his twenty-seven years in the sales industry, he has generated more than $3 billion in sales, recruited and trained over 20,000 sales agents, and opened offices in more than forty states. His leadership grew a start-up insurance company from $25 million in assets to over $15 billion, and he revolutionized the insurance industry with a unique formula for generating prospects for his agents. He is a respected authority in motivational and inspirational speaking, and his skills have carried him across the world, delivering sales and training presentations. His insurance agency has won dozens of national awards, and he has personally won over one hundred professional awards.

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