Break through barriers and live the life you know you are made for.

We have helped thousands of leaders just like you get out of their comfort zone and start businesses, ministries, realize their dreams, become Kingdom leaders within their community, and start living their true purpose.

Do you have a feeling you could be getting more out of life, but you aren’t sure how to get there?

Who is Michael Mcintyre

Meet Michael


As a coach, Michael takes a holistic approach to bring out the best in your life spiritually, relationally, and financially. Michael creates individualized programs for those of you who want to experience growth and see greater results. Michael specializes in deep diving into the areas where you want to experience transformation.

  • EBuilt a $3 Billion dollar agency from scratch.
  • E0ver 30 years happily married, 3 amazing daughters, 1 incredible son in love, and 2 beautiful grandchildren.
  • EWorked with Several senior pastors and helped grow from small less than 200 members to a 2500 plus mega Church. Launched record labels and established leadership protocols and boundaries amongst church leadership.
  • ECreated over 175 millionaires. Recruited and trained over 20,000 sales reps. Created a “Blue Ocean “ marketing concept in the insurance industry!


We designed the Next Level Experience to help you overcome the challenges that are holding you back.

If you are ambitious and open to new possibilities, but you struggle with the challenges below, Next Level Experience will help you fulfill your highest possible purpose.

  • ENegative self talk
  • EPoverty mindset
  • EConflicts with close relationships
  • EOverworking - late hours, no lunch
  • EFeeling of Fear of Failing, not measuring up
  • EBurning desire to succeed
  • EFighting insecurities and comparison
  • EFear of missing out

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Tough Times

These are trying times for many with uncertain job situations and pending career changes. As a corporate coach, Michael McIntyre has helped many struggling C-Suite and business development professionals positively transform their skills.

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